About Us
About Us
Mega Hugo International Logistics Limited

Founded in October 1996the headquarter of Mega Hugo International Logistics Limited is in Guangzhou, China, where is the commercial capital for thousands of years and owns outstanding talents. Along the way, we have not forgotten their original intentions, always adhered to the concept of "customer-oriented, honest management”, and formulated various management measures and development plans around the goal of building a "century-old enterprise". We specialize in international logistics and international supply chain business. Our scope of services covers: full container ocean shipping; consolidated bulk cargo; new energy and fuel vehicle transportation; construction machinery and bulk and large-scale cargo transportation; engineering logistics; international air transport; e-commerce logistics; warehousing and sorting; customs clearance and distribution; import and export agents, etc.

As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road on the sea, Guangzhou is an important connection point in the "One Belt and One Road" international economic belt that the country has focused on planning and promoting in recent years. As a senior third-party integrated logistics service provider, we keenly sense customer needs, make timely use of Guangzhou's rich commercial resources and geographical advantages, continuously and actively create new international logistics services and integrated foreign trade services, and customize low-cost, high-efficiency integrated logistics solutions for various types of customers.

We are familiar with the way of service and know the importance of comprehensive service network coverage for a full range of logistics services. Therefore, since its establishment, it has continued to expand and improve its own service outlets, and its pace of progress has never stopped...

Our development history:
In October 1996
Mega Hugo established the first company of the group in Guangzhou, China, and has now developed it into a flag ship.
In November 1999
Foshan Branch was formally established, which marked an important step for the group to enter the Pearl River Delta hinterland market, and was of profound impact on its development and layout in Guangdong Province.
In October 2000
Ningbo Branch was established, marking the beginning of its expansion of logistics service network from South China to East China.
In August 2003
The "Mega Hugo International Logistics (New Zealand) Co., Ltd." was officially established in Auckland, New Zealand, the first base answering its attempts to expand overseas markets.
In July 2004
Shanghai Branch was founded, which further improved the coverage of its service network in East China and provided strong support for the business development in North China.
In May 2007
A branch in Sydney, Australia was officially established. The New Zealand development model took root and blossomed here. So far, Mega Hugo network layout in Oceania was basically perfect.
In September 2008
Zhongshan Branch was officially established, which marked the basic completion of its strategic deployment in the Pearl River Delta, and its main business expanded to various regions in the western part of the Pearl River Delta.
In July 2014
a branch was set up in Melbourne, Australia, further improving the network layout in Oceania.
In 2019
two Business Departments were built in Nanhai and Shunde, Foshan respectively, which laid a solid foundation for the business development and won fresh information and high-quality supply resources.

Mega Hugo will continue to set up its wholly-owned subsidiaries in China and overseas, and provide top-notched international logistics services for customers in more countries and regions through continuous expansion and improvement of outlets. 

Endless service, we always have you in our hearts.


Add:2nd Floor, Xinqiao Building, Qiaoyuan Er Jie, Yueken Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China.